An all new Pack Smart, for an all new generation. 

After 11 years in business we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and branding which will prepare us for rapid expansion over the coming years. We’ve had a fantastic start to 2020 which is largely due to a big shift to online shopping and this has led to us now leasing a second unit in Coventry.

As part of the rebrand we will be introducing new branding that will help to focus our marketing and processes within certain sectors. Music Smart, Drink Smart, Sports Smart and Pack Smart allows the Pack Smart Group to tailor and hone the processes to deliver a seamless fulfilment service to their clients.

PackSmart was created by us (Nick Walker and Seánna Holland) in 2009 as a fulfilment service for small to medium size businesses. At PackSmart we work with a wide variety of clients across multiple sectors affording small businesses the platform for growth without the overheads and gifting them the time to focus on their brand.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the online retail business has been unprecedented and as a business we had to react quickly to manage the significant increase in order volumes.

We were mindful of our existing team and their wellbeing and adhered to the government guidelines regarding social distancing and cleanliness. The volumes we experienced in the first 2 months of lockdown were akin to the volumes we usually see at peak time i.e. Christmas.

We made the decision to bring on more permanent staff rather than risk temporary changeable staff and we also continued with our plans for a 2nd site. The 2nd site should bring up to 5 new permanent jobs to the area and continue our growth as we head into what is expected to be a significantly busy peak period. With many people now turning to online retail as the way forward we expect this Christmas to be the busiest ever.

Looking for simple, reliable fulfilment for your business?

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